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    Fees are determined by the number of Notary signatures, not the number of documents.

    When two or more people agree to certain terms, they sign a document which outlines the terms of the agreement.

    An agreement is legally binding if it bears the signatures of the involved parties and a witness. While many people draft an agreement and have it signed by a third party who serves as a witness, having a notary public present as a legal witness during the signing of the agreement is a plus.

    One of the services our notaries offer is witnessing the signing of an agreement. So if you are in need of a notary public in Toronto to serve as a signature witness, we are happy to help.

    Signing your agreement in the presence of a notary public can be a huge advantage if the validity of the agreement is later disputed. The fact that the witness signature was done by a notary public can give you peace of mind and the assurance that your agreement cannot be contested. In essence, it adds an extra layer of credibility to the agreement.

    Enlist our services to have one of our notaries witness the signing of your agreement today. The process is straightforward and you will be in and out of our offices in no time.

    Come to our office with the unsigned agreement and we will take it from there.

    Before you sign the agreement, a notary public will first ask to see a government-issued photo identification to verify your identity and the identity of the other party(s). Then the signing of the agreement will take place, followed by the signature of the notary lawyer. The final step will include having the notary public certify that the agreement has been signed before a notary public.