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    GK Law Notary is a renowned firm that provides professional, affordable, and efficient notary public services for clients in Brampton and other areas in Ontario and Canada.

    We offer a comprehensive range of notarial services, such as ownership transfers, certified true copies, sworn and statutory declarations, affidavits of identity, common law declarations, signature witnesses, certificates of origin, and more. We take pride in providing our Brampton clients with high-quality and reliable notary public services with speedy turnarounds.

    If you are located in Brampton (or other parts of the Greater Toronto Area), you have access to GK Law Notary’s full suite of notary public services.

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    Certified True Copy

    Our notary public service can certify that the copy you made of a legal document is true and valid. If you need assistance in getting this done, just send over or bring the original document and its copied versions so we can certify them in either colored or black and white prints.

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    Signature Witness

    There are contracts that require the presence of a lawyer during the signing process to verify that it is true and valid, for whatever reason. We can assist in signature witness procedures in Brampton or any other location in Ontario and Canada.

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    Sworn Declaration

    This is the same as a statutory declaration, only this time the document is to be used in court.

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    Statutory Declaration

    This document is created and signed by two or more parties involved in the agreement, and in the presence of a lawyer. Such details the facts and conditions of the agreement so that they cannot be challenged in the future. Statutory declarations are generally used outside of court settings.

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    An Affidavit of Identity is needed when you lose any government-issued ID and have to apply for a new one. This helps prove that you are the person you say you are, so that you can proceed with the re-application. Our firm can help produce this affidavit for you.

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    Vehicle Ownership Transfer

    This document is proof that both parties involved in the sale or transfer of ownership have agreed to the terms of the deal. This way, neither party can dispute the contents of the agreement in the future. VOTs are created and signed in the presence of a lawyer.

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    Common Law Declaration

    Certain situations might require you to produce a legal document stating that you are in a common law partnership. GK Law Notary can produce such declaration.

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    Affidavit of Identity

    When you lose or misplace your government-issued photo IDs, you will be asked to present an Affidavit of Identity when you apply for new ones. GK Notary Law can process such a public document from draft to completion.

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    Certificate of Origin

    A Certificate of Origin is necessary when you need to verify the authenticity and source of items to be sent abroad. We will help you produce this document to certify that your items have been 100% sourced and produced in Canada or any other country.

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    About Our Company

    GK Notary Law provides professional and cost-efficient Brampton notary public services and online assistance. Our processes are fully compliant with state and national standards.

    At this time, our firm only accepts appointments coursed through our online booking portal. If you are in need of an affidavit and statutory declaration, we will process such documents upon booking. Meanwhile, documents that require in-person appointments, like certified true copies and signature witnesses, will need a second booking for the submission of original documents and personal pickup.

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