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    Why Do Some Documents Need to Be Certified?

    There are many instances where an organization may request original documents for certain services to be rendered to you. Showing an original document may not always be feasible, and since the organization requesting document may need to keep a copy on file, having a certified copy of the document is important.

    Documents are certified to assure that they are a true copy of an original document. In Ontario, a notary public is the only entity authorized for document certification. Since certified documents are often required for various purposes within Canada and abroad, get your documents certified by a trusted public notary in Toronto.

    About our service – Certified True Copy

    We provide quick and convenient document certification in Toronto. Whether you need a certified copy for use within Canada or internationally, our friendly notary lawyers will be happy to assist you.

    Our notaries can certify true copies of documents that are in colour or black and white. However, we recommend that you find out from the organization or entity needing the document whether your copies should be in colour or black and white.

    We take pride in providing exceptional notary services in Toronto. Our process is simple. All you need to do is bring the original document with you and the photocopies you wish to have certified.

    It is important to note that our notaries do not confirm the content of the document. We simply determine whether the photocopies are true copies of the original document. Once this is verified, we will certify your document as a true copy and send you on your way.

    In order for our notaries to certify a true copy, the original of that document must be presented.

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