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    How do I get an affidavit in Ontario?

    An affidavit is a written statement containing facts voluntarily made by a person who later swears that the facts are true. They are often used for:

    • as evidence during court proceedings, i.e., in small claims court, family court or civil court
    • transferring ownership of a used vehicle from one person to another
    • various government purposes
    • commercial transactions

    It is important to note that when drafting an affidavit, you need to determine what information should be included. This will depend largely on the purpose of the document. GK Law Notary offers professional notary services that include helping our clients prepare affidavits.

    Where to get affidavit

    Obtaining an affidavit is quite straightforward and is less complicated than many people think. However, this is not to say that it should not be taken seriously.

    To document can be drafted for you at any place that offers commissioner of oath services in Toronto. This includes a lawyer’s office or a notary public. The statements in the document need to support the purpose for the affidavit, however, all statements made in the document must be true.

    We take pride in offering Toronto residents stellar notary services. We have a friendly team of notary lawyers waiting to help you.

    Who can swear an affidavit in Ontario?

    In Ontario, notary publics are authorized to swear affidavits. What this means is that the person who swears an oath is saying that all the statements made in the document are true. Regardless of the how your affidavit will be used – whether in court or for other purposes – our notaries at GK Law Notary can help you through the process.

    Once the document is drafted, we will ask you to take an oath that the statements listed in the affidavit true to the best of your knowledge.

    Need an affidavit? GK Law Notary can help you in two major ways:

    • Drafting a simple affidavit

    Our law offices are available to help you draft a simple affidavit that you can use for your specific need. However, do keep in mind that we do not provide legal advice regarding the content of the document.

    • Swearing the affidavit

    For an affidavit to be valid, it must be sworn before a commissioner of oaths or a notary public. GK Law Notary law is recognized as well-respected notary in the GTA. If you come to us to help you draft the affidavit, we’ll include swearing it as part of the deal.

    If you are someone else drafts the affidavit on your behalf and want to come to us to swear the affidavit, we are happy to help. You must bring the unsigned document with you so we can witness you sign your signature after you have confirmed that the contents of the document are true to the best of your knowledge.

    Sometimes people need to refer to an additional document in their affidavit. This is referred to as an exhibit. Some affidavits need supporting documentation while others do not. If you find that you need additional documents to support your affidavit, make sure you bring in those documents when you come to our offices. As we prepare your affidavit, we can certify copies of any original documents you bring with you so they can be attached to your affidavit.