Affidavit of Identity

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    In the unfortunate event that you lose all of your government-issued photo identification, you will need an Affidavit of Identity to prove you are who you say you are. This is a requirement that must be met before you can go into government offices to apply for new documentation.

    We understand how stressful it may be to have your documents either lost or stolen, but we’re here to help make the process as smoother so you can get your new document as quickly as possible.

    There are a few steps involved in the process. First, we’ll need to draft an Affidavit of Identity to which you will swear and confirm that you are who you claim to be. In order to do this, you will also need to bring somebody along with you who can verify your identity and show us a piece of government-issued photo identification.

    This person will need to swear that you are in fact the person you claim to be in addition to you, the affiant, swearing an oath. While there are many people who can serve in this role, we recommend that you bring a family member. You can also bring a friend whom you have known for a long time.

    GK Law Notory is a trusted name in notary services and can help you prepare your Affidavit of Identity in no time. Our notaries are knowledgeable about the process and are happy to assist you. You can view a template of an affidavit to help guide you.

    With us, getting your new identification does not have to be a stressful process.

    Information to include in Affidavit of Identity

    Affidavits of identity contain basic information about the person seeking new identification. When preparing this document, you will need to provide specific information in order to obtain replacement identification like passports, birth certificates, or regain access to your bank account etc.

    In your Affidavit of Identity, you will need to include your full legal name, your date of birth, your current address, and the reason the affidavit is needed.

    How to use this document

    We are happy to provide a sample of Affidavit of Identity for you to review. This can serve as guide as you draft your document. The first step is to complete the document, which can be done by anyone who needs to verify their identity or signature. The document is straightforward and very simple to fill out as it only asks you to put to fill in basic information about yourself.

    When you have filled out your personal affidavit form, it will need to be notarized. This means that you must swear an oath before a notary public like GK Law Notary. Once this is done, the document will be valid.